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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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suspect is in handcuffs. plus what really happened to sierra lamar? new evidence that could answer that question. parents lining up to make sure their kids have backpacks for the fall. we're going to tell you which community was in need. and good morning to you, i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have a beautiful finish to your workweek, 82 degrees in the south bay. 72 for the peninsula, and these levels are going to stick around for part of the weekend, but changes coming your way. your microclimate forecast in moments. and it is friday, we have a lighter volume, but we have the metering lights and a crowd at the bay bridge. my concern is a new crash on highway 17 right near where that crash tied up traffic for ten hours yesterday. we'll give you that update coming up. and a live look outside, it is friday, july 11th, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." well good morning everyone,
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thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. arrest overnight after someone set a fire inside the oakland airport. nannette miranda is live with details, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we know that a 60-year-old man whopz suspected of setting card board on fire inside terminal one of the baggage claim area senior in custody. take a look at some video we shot just a few minutes ago. apparently, the card board has already been hauled outside of the terminal, but the smell of the fire still lingers inside. these are very large pieces of card board. oakland airport spokesman brian kid says an alert tsa agent spotted the incident at 3:30 this morning, and immediately called the alameda county sheriff's office. it appears the fire was put out very quickly. no injuries to report, and no motive at this point. if you have a flight to catch this morning, no equipment, flights, or passengers are
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impacted. lines are already getting long here at the screening area. again, back live here in oakland international airport, a 60-year-old man has been arrested for setting fire on some card board inside terminal one baggage claim. again he's been arrested, and normal operations at the airport appear to be in place. live in oakland, nannette miranda for "today in the bay." >> thank you so much, nannette. also new this morning, flames forcing two people to run from their san leandro apartment overnight. one man severely burned on his face and chest and is in the hospital this morning. the woman taken to the hospital because she was having breathing problems. two pets also suffered smoke inhalation. happening at an apartment at 159th avenue near the bay fair center. the battalion chief on the scene says fire likely started in the kitchen. today we will learn new details about what really happened to sierra lamar. prosecutors say the morgan hill teenager was kidnapped and killed by antolin garcia torres.
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although, her body has never been found. today new evidence will be released revealing for the first time the reason prosecutors think the teenager is dead. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live at the county courthouse in san jose with more, good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. antolin garcia torres's attorney no surprise says that if this document is revealed, his client will not get a fair trial in santa clara county, but a judge overruled saying the public has a right to know and the grand jury testimony should be as in most cases visible to the public. 2,000 page grand jury report to be released today may reveal why antolin torres was indicted though her body has not been found. her family and supporters continue to comb the south bay looking for clues to bring her home. her parents still tell us they expect her to walk in any day. but want santa clara county sheriff's office says over and over that they consider that the teenager was murdered and that
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the girl is dead. and that they have the evidence to prove it. we may see some of that evidence in that grand jury report to be released today. legal analysts steven clark says the grand jury report may reveal what kind of dna evidence these sheriff's department found, where it was found in his car as well. > >> we will learn a lot about this dna evidence we've been hearing about. where is the dna evidence located in garcia torres's vehicle? what kind of dna was it? all of that is going to be made crystal clear by these grand jury transcripts. >> reporter: and we may also learn more about the other three women that garcia torres is accused of assaulting and attempting to kidnap in morgan hill years ago as the d.a. presented the grand jury with a pattern of behavior to bolster that case. now by the way, that legal analyst says that a grand jury by nature is one-sided because it is all about the district attorney trying to get that murder charge and thus the defense does not have to present
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its side of the case, doesn't have an opportunity to the refute or cross examine any of the witnesses. now we will have a crew waiting here on the steps of the krours here behind me for when the document is released. it's not a done deal. the defense attorney still could ask another judge to overturn this ruling, appeal it, and ask that the document continue to be sealed as it it has been for four months. it's important to note though in most cases with, the grand jury transcript is considered a public document. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area. the pleasanton school district calling a meeting of the board to deal with a dismissal of a public employee. the mysterious meeting has some people who live in the school district baffled. they tell the pleasanton weekly they received a few day's mois about the meeting nop word what it's about and they're not allowed inside. the board will consider discipline release, or dismissal of an employee. this morning's meeting is
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closed. closed session, there will be a public report following the session. 6:05, happening now, hundreds of parents were up early and in line to get their kids free school supplies for the coming school year. it's all part of sacred hearts back a pack education campaign in san jose. families who qualify can sign up their kids this morning. nearly 3,000 backpacks already handed out on august 8th. let's check your forecast, go out live to san francisco and look at fog in the transamerica building and christina loren joins us and promises a wonderful weekend. >> i do, i guarantee it. it's going to be really, really nice out there. we're going to lose all this humidity what that we've had to deal with over the past couple days, and today you can still see that moisture coming in. that wrap around monsoonal moisture from a big rinl of high pressure -- ridge of high pressure. it's centralized over the four corners region of the united states, but for us, we're still getting the wrap around bands of
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moisture, and for today, that's awesome going to change, it's already changed over the past three hours, and we told you, we'd show you this as you progress throughout the morning. basically, over the past three hours, that flow continues to push to the east, and it will continue to do so as we have an area of low pressure coming our way. it will shift your wind out of the west. as a result, we're already getting that fog this morning. this is woodside on the peninsula this morning. stocked in with fog, good morning to you there, i want to show you the difference here in san jose. mostly cloudy sky, that's a good sign and temperatures will not sore for today, and even all the way out to pleasanton, the onshore flow visibly returning that the point with low clouds to start the day. here are your temperatures, palo alto foggy at this the point, not too bad. 73 degrees for the east shore. 64 degrees in san francisco. the hot spot, not even getting too warm today. 83 degrees out in sunol. even sunol stocked in with fog at this hour. we have changes to tell you about as the dry air mass comes
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in, we are going to bring up the heat. we'll talk about that coming up real quick, beach preview for the weekend, let me show you what you to expect. when you're talking about the 80s at the beaches on sunday, that is really, really comfortable. it's cold in the waters still, but 82 degrees, 62 on sunday in ocean beach, santa cruz, 74, beautiful weekend there. we'll show you the changes coming up, right now let's check your drive at flk mike inouye. remind folks about the cold water because a couple weeks ago, went to manresa beach, freezing cold in the water. extremes. rained in the middle i think. over here the bay bridge we're looking at the drive. we have the middle lanes here, fast track lanes are moving nicely and the metering lights are on. it's friday, but not completely clear over there. the drives are on the map, the approach for the east shore freeway. it's in san francisco, i've circled at&t park, that's why the giants play the diamondbacks tonight. prepare for post work and postgame traffic as well. over here coming through walnut
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creek, this sounds very dramatic, reports of a flat bed truck which may be on fire and still rolling down a freeway as chp is chill about it. maybe it's more dramatic in the report than the facts. we're still checking on that, there's no slowing, i would think that would be a spectacle. probably more like smoking brakes are what we see on reports later on in a follow-up. checking that out. 580 westbound through the tri-valley, spilling through the dublin interchange, no big surprises through the stretch. the south bay with northbound 101 and now north 280, that is showing a slower drive and it may be visible on the freeway, but it's near the off-ramp there. north 17, i got worried about this. reports of a crash north 17 at summit, right in the same area where we had that major crash yesterday, starting after our show ended all the way through 5:30 p.m. we don't see slowing and it sounds like the crash is off the side of the road and may have happened earlier in the day, overnight hours, may have just discovered that the sun came up. there's no people involved
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reported so far. may be an vehicle. >> they were going to have to repave the road. >> exactly, and the paving it off. >> big crash, ten cars involved. >> exactly, exactly. >> thanks a lot, mike. it is 6:10 right now, still ahead on "today in the bay." burglary spree in one peninsula city. we're going to tellout what's luring thieves to your front door. finishing a doomed flight. how a pilot named after amelia earhart is about to fly into the history books. let's take a peek downtown san jose this morning. the cloud cover, it is friday though, weekend is quickly approaching. a lot more news ahead. 6:1-0. it's never been easier to find a dentist.
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here are today's top stories, 60-year-old man in custody this morning after he allegedly set card board on fire inside the oakland airport. this happened around 3:30 this morning inside the baggage claim area of terminal one. we're told passengers, flight, and equipment not impacted. today santa clara county courts will unseal more than 2,000 pages of grand jury documents tied to the sierra lamar murder case. the documents outline the evidence prosecutors have against antolin garcia torres. he is accused of kidnapping and killing the morgan hill teenager in 2012. the body has not been found. tourist from the u.k. lost two fingertips while riding the popular pirates of the caribbean ride at walt disney world's magic kingdom. this happened yesterday, unclear exactly how. ride shut down, checked out, reopened last night. people in one peninsula neighborhood on heightened alert after police say he was the
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target of package thefts. three in one day. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live in belmont. neighbors say they're surprised it happened there. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, scott. a long time resident here says people who live here consider it hidden. it's a neighborhood in the hills tucked between 280 and rothsten. quite a surprise here, and on wednesday, that is when a thief was caught in the act, caught on camera. and if you look at that foot anl, you can see a man dressed in white with jeans and he's looking around. he has the box under his right arm. flauntering nonchalantly to his car. a prius or similar car, opens the back door, tosses the package in and drives off. police believe that this man drove around the neighborhood looking for packages on porches. the packages were from three different stores, delivered by different companies. and one neighbor says he is now considering installing a camera. >> i'm thinking about maybe we
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ought to have a camera that's by our door, but a lot of times those cameras and the guys that are doing this are getting smarter wlr they're wearing hoodies or, you know, they walk up and they know so they put something over their face. >> reporter: there have been success store stories in fremont, police there posted a video, november 2012 that went viral locally, there have been 8,000 views when three months later, police made an arrest of a woman from oakland in oakland. they say she stole the package along with a bag of food there that was set to go to families in need. san jose police have also posted videos on youtube. belmont police posted that 22 second clip yesterday again hoping that someone will recognize that man and give them a call. live in belmont, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> okay stephanie, thank you. the north bay teenager accused of using a stolen credit card to rent a high end sports car will be back in court today. prosecutors could file three new charges against the boy this morning. among them using stolen credit
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card information to rent at least two luxury vacation homes in the county. the 19-year-old did not enter a plea during a court appearance last month because it's a possibility new charges will be filed. he's charged with a eight counts in connection with defraudulent car rental. let's check your forecast, live look out there at emeryville this morning, christina's been talking about we're going to be at the envy of the entire nation. >> yeah,out know southern californians like to be come up here, always, always. you know economically speaking, we are doing okay, considering all things. 6:16, all things considered as well when it comes to your forecast. i think you're going to pleetzed with what we're cooking up for you today. we are cutting off that humidity, keeping your temperatures comfortable, and bringing in a cool ocean breeze that expand all the way into the delta this morning. taking a live look at antioch. you can see those low clouds, you have not had here in antioch
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at this hour at all this week. this is the first morning. and this is a really welcomed sign for you. i want to show you san jose, beautiful downtown san jose right now. where this beautiful onshore flow will keep the hillsides moist for today. that's a good sign. fire danger, for the most part over the past couple weeks it has not been that high because we have had this on-shore flow. emeryville, beautiful. we'll see the wind pick up just like yesterday. and so it'll become choppier throughout the afternoon. if you're a mariner, interested there, 2i degrees in the south bay. 73 for the east shore today. 64 in san francisco with a really comfortable weekend shaping up. i chose this weekend events with scott mcgrew in mind because they're having a jack of all trades craft show in oakland, jack london square. they have do it yourself workshops, makers glasses, and live street jazz. does that not say scott mcgrew?
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70 degrees out there, comfort can believe conditions if you want to check out the giants, they are in town friday, saturday, and sunday. taking on the diamondbacks, and tonight, 59 degrees, 7:15, catch that game right here on nbc bay area. great looking weekend shaping up, and then we bring those temperatures up monday into tuesday, but not by much. 88 degrees in the south bay on monday, tuesday, 86. that translates to temperatures close to the 70s in san francisco next week. comfortable, comfortable weekend ahead. let's check your drive, here's mike. we're looking over towards a flat bed truck with the back part on fire, rolling down the freeway, we called chp, and they said oh yeah, there was like a thing that might have been smoking, we told them about it and it's not a problem. dramatic report, but the details not so exciting. that's good news, smooth drive northbound and south 680 towards the interchange. meanwhile the rest of the bay moves smoothly. and traffic flow is pretty predictable. same thing for the tri-valley
6:19 am
over here for west 580 slowing into livermore. let's get you a live look at the toll plaza the metering lights are on. fast track lanes are moving better than the cash leans. cash lanes backed up towards west grand avenue. more of a build coming off of 580. palo alto, look at live camera here, northbound pass willow, that's north of university heading into the city. easy drive right now, and the earlier crash over there approaching bay shore boulevard has cleared from the roadway, and that's great news into and out of san francisco. we'll look back at the maps, northbound routes are moving nicely and northbound 17, reports of the crash, car over off object roadway, but not a major concern. watch highway 17 where we had that big crash yesterday. they're going to have to do repair work and that'll be a distraction and slowing later on. it's 6:19. group of bay area middle school students are launching their out of this world project this morning. we'll tell you about it. right, story we first told
6:20 am
you on bay area proud series. students at san jose's valley christian middle school developing two experiments. they're going to be sent via rocket to the international space station. they will test the affects of microgravity on paint molecules and the penicillin. the launch will have been shown live at valley christian, blastoff set for 10:40 this morning. we'll tell you more about it on later newscasts. the woman who left the bay area to fly around the around the globe returns today. we have a few gopro clips. that's her real name, amelia earhart. she's not related to the real amelia who disappeared trying to fly solo across the atlantic ocean. 31-year-old took off from oakland a few weeks ago going eastbound, landed in hawaii last night. today she lands back in oakland. completing her around the world journy. she will have made 17 stops in 14 countries.
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>> that is exciting. that happening later today. we'll cover this as well. 6:20, still ahead, "today in the bay," keeping technology away from the dinner table. what restaurant chain is banning smart phones one day a week. live look outside this morning, yeah, golden gate bridge fogged in. plus we want to remind you about a unique opportunity, nbc bay area working to help local nonprofits build stronger communities. you can apply for the 21st century solutions program on our website, offering grants up to $50,000 to create new, innovative programs. applications do august -- due august 8th.
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you're watching "today in the bay." and welcome back to you, live picture at 6:24, the san mateo bridge, christina promising a wonderful weekend. san jose skyline officially getting a new look this afternoon, san jose mayor chuck reed will participate in a topping off ceremony at one market south. that is the new 23 story apartment tower downtown. city council is hoping the $150 million high-rise project will help revitalize the downtown area and bring new retail shops and activity back. well it's already tough finding parking in san francisco, today the municipal transportation agency will make it tougher. the agency's going to hold a public hearing on plans to lease out hundreds of city parking spots. ride share companies. we're talking about more than
6:25 am
300 unmetered spaces more than 100 metered spots. the neighborhoods affected would be the outer sunset, excelsior and visitation valley. the company behind the epa that let users auction off parking spots is suspending its services in san francisco. last month, city attorney sent monkey parking a cease and desist letter. city threatened to sue saying the business model for the app subpoena based on illegal transactions. monkey parking says it's not giving up. executives from the italian-based company are traveling to san francisco in hopes of collaborating with the city to find a solution. ambees going tech-free on tuesdays, ian here in silicon valley. no smart phones allowed at the table. the chain itself making a tech upgrade, installing tablets at every table where customers can order and pay for meals. today a free slurpee at 7-eleven. today is july 11th, or 7-11. one small slurpee per customer from, wait from 7:00 in the
6:26 am
morning, well this says from 11:00 this morning to 7:00 tonight. >> that would make sense. come in and let us find out. it's cow appreciation day at chick-fil-a. customers who kres head to toe in a cow custom, boy, will get a free meal, including entree, side item, if you're too chicken to go all out, get a free and tray by wearing a cow-spotted accessory. >> wow, a lot of freebies. still ahead, scavenger hunt for pot is scrapped in oakland. we're going to tell you why the city is shutting it down for now. plus it's all up to congress why the white house says it'll run out of noun deal with the immigration crisis. ahead in a live report. live look outside, bay bridge toll plaza, can you tell the metering lights are on this morning? say held throe your favorite commute friend. and let's look live at the golden gate bridge. fog there but it's going to burn away as we have a wonderful weekend.
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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." more words on capitol hill. but will there be any action? the new twist on the immigration crisis next in a live report. happy friday, life look at beautiful san francisco, you can see all the way to the top of koyt tower, alcatr kcatraz in t distance and low clouds. low clouds making for a gorgeous afternoon and we've got a great looking weekend. ly show you your microclimate forecast in just moments. but they're kind of hovering around there right around the golden gate bridge.
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we'll watch that commute. meanwhile things are building for the east bay. i have a new crash southbound, coming up. and a live look at the opening bell this morning on the nyse. one of the biggest dow turn arounds in history yesterday. then over on the nasdaq, the blue sky blue football club, new jersey's womens soccer team. today is july 11th, and this is "today in the bay." good morning everyone i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. today president obama is back in washington, d.c. after a trip to texas to discuss the crisis at the border. and now, the white house says it'll run out of money to deal with the influx of immigrants unless lawmakers act quickly. "today in the bay" tracy potts joins us live on capitol hill this morning. and president obama says it is all up to congress. >> reporter: right, and they could run out of money within a matter of weeks, they want congress to act quickly. there are a couple of proposals here that could address that situation and get the money down to the border which is where
6:31 am
homeland security secretary jay johnson is headed today. jay johnson heads to the border today visiting a new mexico detention center and leading texas officials after his two-day trip to guatemala. in between he came back to washington to tell lawmakers immigration and border officials will run out of money starting next month. >> we're going to have to go to some very dramatic, harsh form of reprogramming. >> reporter: lawmakers are working a deal to grand president obama's $3.7 billion emergency request in exchange for allowing the government more flexibility to quickly deport children from central america. and possibly, put ankle bracelets on some immigrants here to ensure they show up for court. the government admitted almost half the children that cross the border don't. it's overwhelming small towns like mcallen, texas. >> we didn't expect people at the bus station being dropped
6:32 am
off by the border patrol. at this point, the people are being released from federal custody. so they're technically on their own. >> reporter: president obama is still defending his decision not to visit the border. >> rather than wave another political stunt that waste time and tax payerer's money, i have a better idea, do something. if you're mad at me -- >> reporter: well congress is trying to do something, and they're trying to get it done by the end of this break or before the august break which is in just a few weeks. >> one to continue to watch, the problem's not going away, thanks a lot, tracy. let's check your forecast, 6:32, live look at sunol this morning and christina loren joins us, good morning. >> hey good morning. that's a really cool shot you just showed. i'm going to show you what it looks like on top of the hills in sunol in just a minute. you can see the low clouds, they span all the way inland,
6:33 am
monsoonal moisture is heading out as we are getting a robust, on shore flow. the wind of change are moving in and it's going to bring in a dry air mass, its been sticky, and you know what, i know it's nothing like the's, by the bay area standards, its been humid around here for the past couple days, this morning it is, but it's going to continue to dry out as we head throughout your beautiful weekend. all right. let's get right to it this morning. temperatures starting at mostly in the 60s, mountain view at 60 degrees. and same for san francisco. so almost uniform temperatureses to start the day, pacifica showing you a full deck of clouds overhead. i want to show you the difference here in san jose, plenty of low clouds to go around, but the sun working hard to break through that cloud cover now, as promised, here we take you to the hillside, the top of sunol and stockton with fog, more fog than we've had here all week long. and this means temperatures are really going to start to feel truer to form.
6:34 am
you add this moisture, it actually makes it feel warmer out there. i would have to factor in the moisture and the temperature. heat index, and today it's going to drop off. as we head throughout the afternoon, the showers will continue. if you're trying to get up to northern california, let me show you this, if you're headed up on the five, just count on a lot of wet weather from redding down to chi co., all the way through sacramento, throughout the day, this too will shift back to the east. keep in mind, it could get danls out there as we're not accustomed to this kind of rain this time of year. 76 degrees along the peninsula for today. 82 in san jose. 73 on the east shore, 64 degree in san francisco. north bay's at 75 and 83 degrees in the trey valley. what a beautiful shaping up there. as we progress throughout the next couple days. we're going to lose the subtropical clouds, comfortable weekend as a result and we bring up that heat as we get into next week. we'll thought about that coming up, right now we'll check your drive, mike inouye. >> doppler radar out there, we'll focus on a different kind
6:35 am
of radar. over at the bay bridge, no problems, you'll have to slow down and stop for the cash leans, slow down for the fast track, big advantage for those folks and easy build. being a friday, we have the metering lights on and the maps, back-up does extend past the berkeley curve or into the curve i should say. west 80 moving smoothly. the game tonight, there will be postwork and postgame traffic. right now northbound 280 as you approach 101. earlier crash leaves paperwork being done over on the shoulder near the connecter, but the connecter itself all lanes are claer and smooth drive. slowing southbound as more hit the roadway down to 59 miles per hour last read i had. south 880 here towards a street. the earlier crash that was sticking out, i hadn't told you about that. they moved it, all lanes reported clear. down towards the san mateo bridge, but the build is on there continuing in towards union city for southbound and in its freeway, typical build for the tri-valley and south bay, no major issues. we'll look at the golden gate bridge, christina was talking
6:36 am
about the moisture heading north. over here on the north side of the bridge, lower clouds, but we look at that sun, you can see it making its way into the area and visibility's okay object span and not a problem around the bay. at least not reported by chp. that's better news. well police in los angeles on the alert telling people to stay out of whittier park, that's because the latest hidden cash scavenger hunt got way out of hand. it happened after this one, people from all over southern california appeared in whittier park hoping to find pez dpebs or sos with money inside. things really got out of hand, that forced police to ask other agencies for help following the chaos, tweeted out this saying you might not do anymore night drops. didn't like the energy of last night's crowd. meanwhile, oakland police put a stop to a marijuana scavenger hunt. they wanted to follow in the footsteps of hidden cash and hide free pot in oakland
6:37 am
tomorrow. scavenger hunt was supposed to be a fun event for medical marijuana card holders, oakland police told a group it doesn't have a license to operate a medical marijuana business, and so the hunt is off. the group however says it will continue to work to try to make the event happen. well, it's 6:37, deadly injection of heroin leave aztec executive dead. we told you about that. nonprostitute in jail on murder charges. we'll tell you who police say may have taught her to cover up that crime, coming up next. nbc bay area, honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting, and public service in television journalism, all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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we continue to get new details about the woman arrested in the heroin death of a google executive. alix tichelman was arrested last week in connection with the november death of tech executive forest hayes. police say she left him dying on his boat in santa cruz after injecting him with heroin. investigators say in the days following the death, she researched possible legal defenses on the internet. santa cruz police now looking into the possibility this is not the only death tichelman is involved in. authorities in georgia are reopening the investigation into the death of a former boyfriend, dean riopel.
6:41 am
this is a photo of the two from her twitter page. he died of a heroin overdose at the time, medical examiner's said it was accidental. >> she called because she had gotten out of the shower and found her boyfriend, mr. riopel lying on the floor unresponsive at the time we had no reason to believe it was anything other than accidental overdose. it was ruled. going back through the case making suring in was missed. >> in another twist, tichelman dieted a man now in prison for looetly in -- lethally injecting a woman with heroin and left without calling authorities. update to breaking news. fire was set inside the terminal at oakland international airport. we have a suspect reports of a suspect in cuffs. what really happened to sierra lamar? the new evidence that could finally answer that question.
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you're watching 15 minutes of continuous news, weather, and traffic on "today in the bay." and an update to breaking news. a small fire overnight set inside terminal one at oakland international airport. "today in the bay's" nannette miranda live with new video and word from alameda county sheriffs, unman's in custody, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the incident has not affected airport operations at all. flights and the screening process appear to be normal. at about 3:30 this morning, authorities say a 60-year-old man set some very large pieces of card board on fire inside the terminal one baggage claim area. no one is saying what the card board was doing there. these are very large pieces and have been hauled outside the terminal. but you can still smell the fire inside. oakland airport spokesman brian
6:45 am
kidd sars an alert tsa agent spotted the incident and immediately called the alameda county sheriff's office. deputies took the suspect into kus i can. . small fire was put out. no injuries were reported and no motive has been determined at this the point. back here live at the airport, again, airport officials have said that 60-year-old man is in custody for setting fire inside the baggage claim, but it s not affected airport operations at all. live in oakland, nannette miranda for "today in the bay." >> do we have any idea who this guy was? passenger at 3:30 in the morning? somebody else. >> reporter: right, i mean this is very strange. that early in the morning, there's hardly anyone here. so authorities aren't saying what he was doing here. just that he's 60 years old and apparently accused of setting this large pile of card board on fire. >> all right nannette miranda, thank you very much. 6:45, new this morning, flames forced two people to run from their apartment overnight.
6:46 am
one man was severely burned on his face and chest and is in the hospital this morning. woman was also taken to the hospital because she was having breathing problems. two pets you see there, firefighters rescuing, they have smoke inhalation. it happened at an apartment on 15 9dth avenue near the bay fair center. the battalion chief on the scene said the fire appeared to have started in the kitchen. let's check your forecast on this fine friday and live look at the bay bridge. it's going to be a fabulous weekend. >> yeah, it is. i just like hearing you say friday too. it's a reminder, hey, this is it. this is it. 6:46 and we made it together. and the weekend is going to be nice, not too hot out there. even. you just to want stay at home and sleep, really comfortable conditions. and you don't even vn to use your ac for most of the bay area. some spots you will. we'll talk about that coming up. let's start with what's going on right now. 60 degrees in livermore. and 60 degrees in san jose. we have those changes coming in
6:47 am
as we speak. that humidity is clearing out of here, and we're going to get that dry air mass back in the bay area today. within a few hours. 61 degrees in san francisco. 61 in oakland, and 60 degrees in mountain view, you can clearly see that moisture pushing to the east at this the hour. continue to subside as we head throughout the next few hours. then by about lunchtime today, mostly sunny skies, feeling more comfortable as we cut off that humidity. san francisco showing you a full deck of clouds, 64 for today. 73 on the east shore and 82 degrees in the south bay. that's a really comfortable temperature. little bit below average for this time of year. oh boy. we've got a super moon to talk about for tonight. it happens when the earth and the sun are actually, excuse me the earth and the moon are closest together at the time that that moon becomes full. you're going get the best view of this tonight from the higher elevations across the bay area, you're also going to get a pretty great view, even right by the water at the beach because the wind is going to keep our
6:48 am
sky nice and clear. and i can tell you, it's going to be awesome, but you're going to get two more opportunities this year to see that supermoon. as we head throughout the day today, comfortable beach conditions, even better for tomorrow. we'll bring your temperatures up a touch by sunday. you're in the 80s in the bay. great weekend to hit the beach or just stay inside. 84 degrees on sunday. that's the warm day for san jose. 69 meanwhile on sunday. oh, what a beautiful day in san francisco. then by monday, we are going to bring the temperature up to 88 degrees, but we'll cool you right back down for tuesday. let's check your drive, here's mike inouye. folks it is friday, but we have slowing spots around the bay. we're looking at san jose, this doesn't happen to be one of them. northbound 101 and 680 moving nicely. in the area we doe have speed coming down below the limit. we're in the orange zone here, so slowing a bit from capitol expressway up towards 680. live shot shows you the beginning, around 55. nop problems here for the 280, 880 interchange. 17 coming up through the area. we have had summit road, earlier
6:49 am
crash reported earlier. no injuries reported, but this is a distraction, it's in the same area where we had that deadly crash yesterday morning that had things tied up. we'll talk about that in a second. meanwhile we have that slowing because of the commute and the distraction there. keep that in mind just north of summit road. meanwhile, we're looking at the tri-valley and we'll look at the westbound direction, that is your commute through dublin and out of livermore. south 680 is showing slowing. there's your gentle build. friday pattern for sure over there. rest of the bay, south 880 towards a street. that has moved out of the roadway. slow through haley towards the bridge. bay bridge also ha z the backup because the metering lights are on. no delays for any of the systems. let's go to the bart station, oakland coliseum, live look, volume of traffic past high street on our live camera at the oakland coliseum. very easy flow of traffic northbound and southbound. look at that. almost no issues as far as speed goes until you get down towards
6:50 am
hayward, back to you. >> thank you mike. today we will learn new details about what may have really happened to sierra lamar. prosecutors claim the morgan hill teenager was kidnapped and killed by antolin garcia torres. though her body has never been found. today new evidence will be released revealing for the first time the reason that prosecutors think that the teenager is dead. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live at the county courthouse in san hose with more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott. this is the grand jury transcript which typically is considered a public document though, this one has been sealed for about four months now. when we get our first look at the evidence that is outlined within by 5:00 this evening. at 2,000 page document is to be released today, ordered by a judge, and we may find out why it is that antolin garcia torres was charged. her family and supporters continue to comb for clues looking for any signs of her.
6:51 am
her parents expect her to come home. over and over again, the santa clara county district attorney believes that she's dead based on evidence that they found within antolin garcia torres's car. today that document may tell us more about the ed against him. >> we will learn a lot about this dna evidence that we've been hearing about. where was the dna evidence located in garcia torres's vehicle? what kind of dna was it? all of that is going to be made crystal clear by these grand jury transcripts. >> reporter: now, legal analyst steven clark says a report is by nature very one-sided because it's only for the defense, or rather the district attorney to present its case, not for the defense to counter or they're not even allowed to cross examine any of the witnesses. speaking of witnesses, we may hear more from those three women who also accused of antolin garcia torres of assaulting them and trying to kidnap them in
6:52 am
morgan hill a couple years ago. that was presented as a pattern of behavior to bolster the district attorney's case. now garcia torres's attorney wanted the zwrouj keep the grand jury indictment sealed saying that garcia torres cannot get a fair trial of all the public knows about the details of the case. it is considered largely a public document and so unless the defense secure an appeal to overturn this order. the documents will be released at 5:00 on the courthouse steps right behind me. kris sanchez, "today in the bay,". >> thank you. this morning, san francisco police want to talk to anyone who witnessed a brutal beating near at&t park yesterday that sent a woman to the hospital. the woman tried to break up a fight between two men near second and king streets and was punched in the face and knocked out. this morning, she's in the hospital with serious head injuries. another man was treated at the scene. it happened about 6:00 last night. a couple of hours after the
6:53 am
giants, a's game wrapped up. it's unclear if the people involved were at the game. so far, no arrests have been made. the fight happened just one day after injured giants fan bryan stow was awarded $15 million. he was brutally beaten outside dodgers stadium three years ago. and a follow-up for you this morning, the crash now cleared, but you may see construction along highway 17 this morning neither scene of that deadly crash yesterday. that's because parts of the road were so badly damaged they need to be repaved in order to be safe for cars. the crash happened early yesterday morning. it finally reopened ten hours later, chp says it appears a big rig lost its brakes coming down a hill causing a chain reaction with ten other vehicles. one person died, eight others recovering. six light rail stations will be shut down this weekend to make improvements to the service to levi stadium. stops between the stations will
6:54 am
be closed so crews can lay down new tracks that will eventually accommodate extra trains it on game days. the stations are expected to reopen on monday. caught on camera, belmont police say a man targeting one neighborhood has been captured by a private security camera and they're hoping for some tips. the three thefts happened in the same area, two on hal mark drive, one on waterloo court. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live in belmont. stephanie, the three all happened within a couple hours of each other. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, good morning, scott. and one man i spoke with who says he lived here for 14 years says it's the first time he's heard of something like that in this belmont heights neighborhood tucked away between 280. police say that the thief did drive around the neighborhood looking to steal packages. all on wednesday. 3:00 in the afternoon when this was caught on camera dressed in a white t-shirt and genes. he's walking around casually, looks around a box under his right arm. had to do his dark gray car parked there. it looks like a prius.
6:55 am
he opens a back seat door, gets into the car and drives off. the pack annals were from stolen three different stores delivered by three different companies. one neighbor says it's a safe area, but he's now toying with the idea of installing a camera. >> the guys that are doing this are getting smarter, weather they're -- whether they're wearing hoodies, they walk up and know. >> thank you. >> some are not smart and i'm sure they'll get caught. >> reporter: and that is what happened in fremont where police posted a video, november 2012 on youtube that got more than 8,000 views in three months, and that is when police made an aers of a woman from oakland, in oakland, they say she's the one who stole a package along with a bag of food that was supposed to go to families in need over the holidays. now law enforcement says typically these package thefts happen more often during the holiday season, but also when the weather is nice enough, we're getting into that this weekend. the tip of course is to always be aware. live in belmont, stephanie
6:56 am
chuang, "today in the bay." extra police patrols in palo alto neighborhood this morning after burglars hit an elderly couples home while they slept. the burglar took a brees containing financial documents. the couple slept through the whole thing. the burglar hopped a locked gate in the side yard then climbed through an open window. in the south bay, concern about the west nile virus and the treatment being used to get rid of it. santa clara county vector control found nearly 300 infected birds so far this year. that's more than three times the number they found all of last year. they say the drought coupled with warm temperatures could be to blame. the company has already fogged, the county has fogged ten times and some people living in the area are worried about the increase use of chemicals. experts point out in 30 kbreers of fogging, there's not been a
6:57 am
single document of the case of spray hurting anybody. let's see if there's a fog of a different sort out there this morning. final check of the top stories. today santa clara county court more than 2,000 pages of grand jury documents tied to the sierra lamar murder case. documents outlying the evidence prosecutors have against antolin garcia torres. he is accused of kidnapping and killing the morgan hill teenager in 2012. the body has never been found. man is in the hospital with serious burns to his face and chest after flames tore through his san leandro apartment overnight. woman was treated for breathing problems, two pets as well suffered smoke inhalation. it appears the fire started in the kitchen. a 60-year-old man is in custody this morning after he allegedly set a fire inside the oakland airport. it happened around 3:30 this morning, the baggage claim area of terminal one. passengers, flights, and planes not impacted this morning. and now let's get a check on that fog, and it's going to burn
6:58 am
off because it's just a beautiful weekend. >> it is, it's going to burn off. and wie going to see the westerly flow pick up as a result my friends, that humidity, thing of the past. as of this afternoon. 76 degrees for the peninsula today. 64 in san francisco, 75 degrees in the north bay, and don't forget about that super moon tonight. photographers get your cameras ready. you will have the clear shot of of it between about 9:00 p.m. this evening and 2:00 a.m. then we are expecting that fog to roll back in, but it will be spectacular. post the pictures on our facebook page. check that friday morning commute. >> supermoon, vulnerability there is kyrptonite. towards the san mateo bridge, only when you stay. san mateo sbrij moving smoothly. little slowing building up volume. and stall reported somewhere across the flat section. though we don't see the interruption. the maps will show you no real blaze around the area.
6:59 am
north 880 at 23rd. moving to the shoulder, you see a little slowing because of the volume to the area and no other surprises. around the bay, predictable friday commute. mike, what you need is a tank. more than 100 military vehicles going on the auction block. in the valley this weekend. >> bob redell gave us a preview last month including a look at a german tank expected to fetch up to $2 million. the vehicles were owned by a silicon valley engineer and military collector. he passed away a few years ago. the auction starts today and runs through tomorrow. i have to say that the little boy's dreams. >> no kidding. maybe you need a tank, but don't need bob to be driving it. >> that is very true. he got behind the wheel. it was like trying to shift it like a bug. >> bob has a tank, we need a tank. really. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay," we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. zbr join us at 11:00, have a great day, great weekend.
7:00 am
. good morning. injuries and evacuations. at least ten people hurt as powerful storms tear through the mid-atlantic. out west, how an out-of-control wildfire and the midwest is about to get a blast of cold air. facing justice. the first court appearance today for the man accused of gunning down an entire family in the houston suburbs. as we learn more about the young teen who somehow survived and the suspect's long history of violence. could this have been prevented? apology not accepted. george clooney doubles down in his battle with the tabloids. what he has to say about "the daily mail" mea culpa.


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